Units of measure:

SAR is specific absorption rate. This is the power of electromagnetic radiation absorbed per mass of body tissue (W/Kg or mW/Kg (Watts or milliwatts per Kilogram); 1W = 1000mW).  SAR can be averaged over the whole body, or a sample volume.

Electrical field strength is measured in V/m (Volts per metre).

Power flux density is a measure of the rate at which electromagnetic energy flows through a surface, measured in W/m(2) (Watts per metre squared).  It can also be expressed in mW/cm(2) (1mW/cm(2) = 10W/m(2)).

Power is measured in Watts (W, or mW (1/1000th W)).

Moving electric charges produce magnetic fields.  Magnetic fields (magnetic flux density) are measured in Tesla (T) or Gauss (G).  100nT (nano Tesla) = 1mG (1 milli Gauss).  100nT is the same as 0.1 micro Tesla, or 0.1μT.

Frequency refers to the number of oscillations (of the electromagnetic wave) per second and it is measured in hertz (Hz), where 1Hz = 1 oscillation per second.  Kilohertz (KHz) is 1,000 Hz, megahertz (MHz) is 1,000,000 Hz and gigahertz (GHz) is 1,000,000,000 Hz.

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