The AGNIR (Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation) has produced a report on behalf of the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA). The document is entitled 'Health Effects from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields', April 2012.

This controversial report is being used by the HPA to support their decision to allow the compulsory use of microwave-emitting wireless technologies by pupils and teachers in UK schools, despite medical and scientific concerns

The report lists many studies finding damaging biological and health effects from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below current guidelines, but manages to dismiss them for various reasons.  Some studies had been omitted.

Wifiinschools illustrates the misleading nature of the report with the example of male fertility.  More information can be found here, (Appendix 2).

The report has been criticised by  Professor Dariusz Leszczynski from the Finnish Radiation Protection Agency. He commented that he considers the UK HPA report to be biased and misleading. "Unlike the claims on HPA website the UK HPA AGNIR Report 2012 is not a comprehensive review but it is a biased review." "It is obvious that the AGNIR's members do not agree with the outcome of IARC evaluation. However, complete omission of it feels like rewriting of history and omitting inconvenient facts. In my opinion it shows a very biased attitude of AGNIR members towards the IARC classification.  After all, in cancer research the IARC evaluations are a "gold standard".

Mobilewise have written to the Health Protection Agency, setting out their criticisms of the HPA statement in response to the AGNIR report and asking the HPA to revise its response. The letter is available hereMobilewise has asked the HPA to consider whether institutions who follow contemporaneous HPA advice, which contradicts the International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Assessment, the Council of Europe Resolution and the European Parliament Resolution could be exposed to litigation.